Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Doomsday Prepper

I was taught the value of being prepared despite needing to be prepared. The Aunties example over 30+ years of my life gave me a bit of an obsession about food storage. My family will tell you. I’ve been harping on about being prepared for an apocalypse for yonks. It’s also a church thing. It’s what we do, or what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s what we’re taught. My ancestors were doing it way before I was even thought of. If anything has caught on for me, it’s food storage and prep.

We’ve always had a room that was dedicated for food storage. It has been both used and neglected over the years and when a mouse died in there one year I didn’t go in the room until the mouse was a skeleton. I didn’t ever think it a scary place until there was a dead mouse in it.

For 40+ years this is what it looked like. Soon after Aunty Marva died we cleaned it out. A lot of stuff was thrown out and I tried to start it up again only to neglect it again.

Now and again I'd give some time to the store cupboard. Sometimes it will be full of food for the apocalypse and sometimes it was full with cans that turned gross over the years as the mice ate around them.

Lockdown 2020 was an eye opener. I set up storage in my laundry room inside the house, but that really hasn’t been working out so I planned, on paper, how I wanted to revamp the store cupboard.

It’s taken a year to finally do something about those ideas. It was emptied and bats/insulation installed.

Then it got a ceiling and walls. The 40 year old shelves were warped so I opted for new ones. The restocking has begun and it’s quite fantastic watching my idea come to life.

Hubs made a point a few days ago about the cans moving forward in an earthquake and falling, so we took care of that today. Glad I hit Bunnings (hardware shop) before lockdown closed everything.

We shall paint them with blackboard paint eventually.

There’s a lot more to do before it’s where I want it to be. Decided to leave the floor so it’s cooler in summer.

It’s a liberating thing. Found the best thing ever cleaning it all out. More on that another day.

Also revamping the shed. We’re going to attempt to turn it into a tiny home. I am standing at opposite ends of the room in each picture. 

The end.

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