Saturday, July 17, 2021

Week 1 down

I’ve done it again. I’ve gone and over-loved another baby and now she’s obsessed. She cries when I leave the room, even though there are other people in the room aka her brothers and Aunty Hubs. She follows me to the bathroom and observes like a psychopath and this … this is how she must go to sleep when she stays over otherwise, she’s not going to sleep.
She kicks her brother when we’re all in bed. He’s not allowed to be near me. So we hold hands secretly.
Uncle Jasiah arrived from the big smoke today to spent his second week of school holidays with The Livian’s.
A date with Hubs at our spot in town. The closest thing to a diner with comfort food that Hastings has to offer.
The boy asked Nan Nan for a tent to make a hut. She granted his wish.
Dreamy Dumplings the food truck .. the best tasting I’ve had ever, but 6 pieces for $10.
Tonight I have 4 kids. All I wanted to do was watch the rugby in peace. 
It wasn’t meant to be.

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