Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lockdown NZ - Day 17

Day 17 in lock-down and you're lying if you haven't wanted to murder your kid at least five times in the last 17 days. I thought it was pre-teen attitude, but the child is legit annoying.

I feel sorry for those who have 5.
You people are the ultimate who deserve medals.
Bronze, Silver and Gold.

I have a new appreciation for education and the opportunity a child has to attend a school, and this is coming from someone who absolutely believed that home school was the way to go.

I retract my undying love for home school.
Don't believe the hype.
Love dies.

Do you know how hard math is these days? 9-year-old grade math and even I don't get it. They don't use algorithm in math anymore. When I showed her the simpler way to add she thought I was brilliant. I asked her principal why they don't use it and she said they tend to throw a variety of approaches at the child then let the child find the one they understand. My child understands the algorithm.

If Larry was alive, she'd be a genius.
Alas, she's got a Mum who thinks a calculator is enough.

Don't be ashamed, but this is us all right now.

Happy Easter Internets.

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