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Lockdown day 28

Yesterday marked the last day of the 4 week lock down for New Zealand. It was extended a few more days during the daily news from our Prime Minister on Monday. From Monday, we'll drop to level 3, which is level 4, but with McDonald's.

Level 4 consisted of The Two House Bubble Structure.
This is where a maximum of two house holds are able to keep in physical touch.
Mine was my Mums. This changed when The Livians decided to isolate at her house a week into lockdown.
3 houses.
My mother basically lives with my Grandmother.
4 houses.
I missed my boy and his mother.
5 houses.

We are all still alive despite we were practicing a level 2 bubble structure.

Our Covid19 numbers have decreased daily. Yesterday there were 3 new cases and 2 deaths.
We're doing something right New Zealand.

It's been a refreshing break. It's given me time to reflect on my work place and I've been enlightened to a few facts about the place. The wage subsidy that the government put out will cover us for up to 12 weeks. School won't go back during level 3 and it's been projected that there may be no school til 3rd term. That's July.

I miss church. We've endeavored to keep up to date on that. We've failed a few times, but A+ for effort. We've learned the importance of food storage and rationing food and it's been a combined effort of our 5 bubbles that we haven't gone without during this time. We've utilized the Book of Mormon videos on YouTube and Hub's has enjoyed those. Her irritation of Laman and Lemuel has made her swear a few times, but rightly so. I swear when she doesn't listen too.

My house is the cleanest it's ever been. With winter approaching, we had a bit of a mouse situation. I thought it was one mouse, but so far it's been three. I'm all for the humane disposal of animals, but when you toy with me and wipe out the Oreo crumbs in my pantry, well then it's just war. We tried a variety of non-lethal DIY mouse traps, but the best one was an actual mouse trap that killed by way of a peanut buttery persuasion. Peanut Butter is rodent bait sent straight from nut heaven.

We went so crazy about it, I rigged up my security cameras and we watched until 4am one morning.
8 weeks til the Rarotongan Princess arrives. She's going to be an elephant of a baby. Tyler will be having her at home due to the current circumstances. I'll be recording every moment of it.
She made me breakfast this morning.
She doesn't burn the microwaved eggs anymore and YouTube told her adding milk makes the eggs fluffy.
Ka pai Hubs. Ka pai.


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