Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The restructure

After a lengthy process for our work restructure, it was over yesterday. Last week in particular was one of the hardest for a variety of reasons here at work and I don’t think I’d ever needed God so much. I unknowingly passed my stress and worry on to Hubs who also felt the pull.

I reapplied for my job, which has had a major job description overhaul. My confidence in being successful was 1% because of events that led up to that day. Everyone was interviewed on Thursday & Friday. I prepared myself over the week, but I wasn’t going to fight for the job. I was the last interview of the day on Friday. It  was a 45 minute interview. Others had 10 minute interviews.

Now I’m not blowing smoke out of my own butt, but I know I’m too talented for this place and the three panelists knew this too. By Saturday I was over feeling ill about it all and had a wedding to shoot. I forgot about it for that day. By Sunday I was ready to walk away from my work place.

My application was successful, but we have lost two of our co-workers in the process. I know I interviewed well. I went in there to show them why I had already earned my job, not to beg for it.

Photos from the wedding shoot.
The bride is Tyler’s best friend. 
They were each others Maid of Honor. 
... but isn’t that page boy the most handsome ever!?

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