Monday, March 23, 2020

Ish got real today.

With all the woes in the world at the moment, I took the time to appreciate what I’ve been taught my whole life about being prepared. You go into your food prep blindly, but with the trust that what they’ve been teaching us for years and years is all for a purpose.

New Zealand has joined the world in self-isolating. Work will be shut down in 48 hours and a new life for NZ will begin on Wednesday. 

My house is prepared. My family are prepared. I have been harping on about the importance of having a food storage at work for two years and it has rubbed off on my co-workers, who are also prepared to some degree.

I take comfort in knowing that whatever happens, Heavenly Father will not fail us.
Shots from lately ...
48-hours til self-isolation begins.
I just bought two bottles of ketchup from the gas station for $12.

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