Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Goodbye 2019

2019 was rough. Exhausting. Just too much crap that happened that I didn’t need to be a part of. I tried to keep my head down and work and just do my job, but there were times that we had to fight the good-cause for ourselves and for the boys we work to care for.

Church, at times, seemed like it was dragging and there were periods during the year that I’d wake up one sabbath morning and decide not to go. People in the church, at a community level, would put me off enough to remove myself for a few.

Family. Ultra depleting. Between a divorce and pure stupidity, life was better at work. 

But I’d like all that to change in 2020, especially the church part.

The only one that you can trust.
The only one that you can depend on.
The only one that you can rely on.
The only one to give you the honesty you seek .. is you.

This is what I need to remember this year. Everything I do is first and foremost, for myself. I’ve done it for everyone else and, kids excluded, it’s always been unappreciated.

I’ve talked about not caring, but I will always care. What I will not care about is when adults won’t figure it out for themselves first before seeking support from others.

Imma just do me and make sure that me and my house are in order.
Happy New Year. 
May my 2020 be better than my 2019.

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