Thursday, January 9, 2020


Headed South for a few days to “Indy’s new house”. The boy came with us because Indy misses him and Avi very much. The StrongArms came with us. Stopped in Paihuatua to feed the animals and let them play at the park.
Continued on to Whakaoriori, which was less than an hour away. First time here for the Armstrong’s. It’s an acquired taste because they’re out so far. Internet is transmitted via radio frequency, that’s how far they are from normalcy, but it’s a good getaway when needed.
She was very happy to see him.
They’ve been eachothers shadow for most of the day. Hoping The Livian’s secretly come down so The three amigos can be together again for Indy’s re-dose.
By bedtime The boy was getting a little weary of the place. It’s pitch black out this far and new surroundings had him a little bit nervous. I retreated to my room for a break away from the crazy, thank you big house, but it followed me.
Tried to encourage sleep with Corals Himalayan Salt lamp, but he still chose to fall asleep close enough to stop me from moving.
Pō Mārie.

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