Monday, January 27, 2020

Last week of refuge

It’s going to be a killer hot day next Monday. That’s the day we check the returning students back into the Hostel. It’s going to be gross.

The pool has come in handy now summer finally decided to show her face. Most of December was dull and cool, but it’s pay back time and shes coming with 34 degree temps.
Let me take time to give props to Kobe Bryant. I’ve never been open about liking basketball. My fellow Saints, here particularly in Hawke’s Bay, made the sport ugly since High School, but if I had a favorite.. it was Kobe.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

End of school holidays

We’re coming to the end of school holidays. Redunancies are hanging over our heads at work.
2020 is not looking good so far.
But at the very least, these guys don’t have that worry.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wairarapa finale

The last day in the Wairarapa consisted of sitting at home relaxing. It was a perfect day and then we drove home.

Thursday, January 9, 2020


Spent the day out today. I got more wet than I expected and there was so much sand in my car afterwards that for the 30+ km drive back all I could think about was vacuuming my car.

A good day.
Home again to wash off the sand.
Then the power went off here in the middle of nowhereland and we had to cook the bacon for BLTs this way.
It worked a charm.


Headed South for a few days to “Indy’s new house”. The boy came with us because Indy misses him and Avi very much. The StrongArms came with us. Stopped in Paihuatua to feed the animals and let them play at the park.
Continued on to Whakaoriori, which was less than an hour away. First time here for the Armstrong’s. It’s an acquired taste because they’re out so far. Internet is transmitted via radio frequency, that’s how far they are from normalcy, but it’s a good getaway when needed.
She was very happy to see him.
They’ve been eachothers shadow for most of the day. Hoping The Livian’s secretly come down so The three amigos can be together again for Indy’s re-dose.
By bedtime The boy was getting a little weary of the place. It’s pitch black out this far and new surroundings had him a little bit nervous. I retreated to my room for a break away from the crazy, thank you big house, but it followed me.
Tried to encourage sleep with Corals Himalayan Salt lamp, but he still chose to fall asleep close enough to stop me from moving.
Pō Mārie.

Picture unload

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