Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019!

Just a photo unload.
Christmas was very mellow this year and the weather matched. It may aswell be winter right now.
We started the week off deciding to drive to Masterton to drop off a hose to The Farmers for their new house. While there, and because of the power being off and Indy's placenta defrosting, we watched as they buried in under a lime tree. We stayed a few hours and hit the road to come home again.

Hub's and the hubba bubba bubble.

Christmas at The Livians.

Who is that chap on the right you ask?
That is Taine.
He is Shaily's side kick.

El Diablo.

Christmas prep at Mums.

Hub's scooter from Papa Greg.

Skates from The Livians.

Breakfast at The Livians.

El Diablo drives a UTV.

Christmas foods.

Creamed Paua.

3 months cooking.

Stiddy, his grandparents and his Aunty.

At 14, Jeston is 6'4".

Merry Christmas Internets!

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