Saturday, November 30, 2019

Wedding of the year.

This happened this morning.
He slept here with me last night and we woke up and his hair was long. He was picked up this morning to prep for the wedding and was dropped off to his Mum later in the morning. I arrived at theirs around mid-day to a boy with no more long hair. After a some F words and tears, I asked him if he liked it and he said, "it's cool".
He is not my baby anymore without his hair, but my big boy now.
Don't know what it is, but every time a boy gets his haircut he becomes an a-hole that day. Prior example, Drayden-Reid.

His Mum was married this afternoon. It's been a hectic 4 weeks, but we got there.

A short and sweet ceremony and she became Mrs. Heather.

Their blended family. May I introduce Kavarn, or as we call him, Brudda.
He is Killy's 8 year old son who we have welcomed into our lives. I take my hat off to Tyler who has been raising him this past year. She's his bestfriend.

The first time ever that all my Mothers grandkids have been in the same place at the same time.
19 grandkids. 2 great-grand kids and Killy and Shaily's boyfriend Taine.

The Bride & Groom.

The Wedding Party.
Probably the worst groomsmen I've ever shot.
Because they were drunk and annoying.
This is why I don't like to shoot weddings.

Mr & Mrs Heather.

Props to the cake makers Lisa Edwards & Janene Tihema (both family).
They went over and beyond what I had imagined and deserve the kudos. They managed to incorporate Tyler's favorite chocolate into each cake. They were fantastic.

... and our Heather baby has been cooking for going on 10 weeks.

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