Wednesday, November 13, 2019

School Kapahaka Week and a wedding.

Hubs & Rome repping their school in this weeks school kapahaka event. Probably shouldn't have finished work early for it, but they were worth the sacrifice.

Kudo's to Mitchy for working effortlessly and psychotically on their costumes over the last three days.

With a wedding coming up in a few weeks, Thanksgiving this year might be a no-go. All the kids want to go ahead with it, but the wedding prep is giving everyone a bit of a headache, including Bridezilla.

Between now and Christmas, there is much to do.
College Dinner
Thanksgiving ?
End of year work thing
Finish work for 2019
Babysitting for Honeymooners
PA School Photos
I will be glad when work is done for 2019 in 3 weeks.

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