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Wedding of the year.

This happened this morning. He slept here with me last night and we woke up and his hair was long. He was picked up this morning to prep for the wedding and was dropped off to his Mum later in the morning. I arrived at theirs around mid-day to a boy with no more long hair. After a some F words and tears, I asked him if he liked it and he said, "it's cool". He is not my baby anymore without his hair, but my big boy now. Don't know what it is, but every time a boy gets his haircut he becomes an a-hole that day. Prior example, Drayden-Reid. His Mum was married this afternoon. It's been a hectic 4 weeks, but we got there. A short and sweet ceremony and she became Mrs. Heather. Their blended family. May I introduce Kavarn, or as we call him, Brudda. He is Killy's 8 year old son who we have welcomed into our lives. I take my hat off to Tyler who has been raising him this past year. She's his bestfriend. The first time ever that all my Mothers grandki

7 years.

I stopped counting in days a few years ago, but looking it up online it's been 2556 days since Larry died. It got easier when my focus became Hubba and so I have her to be thankful for. She restored me. It's the first time he's been to Larry's grave where he's able to figure the place out for himself. We sent him up the aisle Larry is buried down and had him pick out which one was Larry. The picture on our wall at home is a constant in his life and he has identified that Larry is an important figure. He recognized him right away even though the picture on the headstone is not the picture that hangs on the wall in our house. I told him we were going to see Uncle Larry. When he found him, he stood and looked for a moment before turning around on the spot expecting to find Uncle Larry standing somewhere. "He's in the ground underneath where you're standing" Hubba says. "But why?" the boy asked shrugging. That's an explanation fo

School Kapahaka Week and a wedding.

Hubs & Rome repping their school in this weeks school kapahaka event. Probably shouldn't have finished work early for it, but they were worth the sacrifice. Kudo's to Mitchy for working effortlessly and psychotically on their costumes over the last three days. With a wedding coming up in a few weeks, Thanksgiving this year might be a no-go. All the kids want to go ahead with it, but the wedding prep is giving everyone a bit of a headache, including Bridezilla. Between now and Christmas, there is much to do. College Dinner Thanksgiving ? Wedding End of year work thing Finish work for 2019 Babysitting for Honeymooners PA School Photos Christmas I will be glad when work is done for 2019 in 3 weeks.

Summer is coming.

It's gross hot today. And yesterday. It was decided on Saturday that we're having a wedding in 26 days. And Happy Birthday to my sister who is a year closer to 40 today and who makes me grit my teeth.