Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The holidays

The difference between hail and snow is this.
  • Hail is a frozen raindrop.
  • Snow is a bunch of tiny ice particles that combine to make a snowflake.
So when that storm came a few weeks ago and the community said it snowed for the first time in a hundred years, it was hail.
Not snow.

The holidays came and went with more yard work than I was use to. We pulled down a shed, we pulled down a fence and the lawns currently look immaculate. There is no one to rely on but ourselves. Ourselves being a handful sized few. These holidays preceded the last term of the school year, ushering in shades of the Christmas spirit. We have just over a week of work before labour weekend gives us a break again, then exam season a week after we get back from labour weekend.

 It's an exciting term for me because it means we are that much closer to a much needed break, but also an exciting term academically for high schoolers. I lived for exam season as a High School student and nerd.

Hub's learned how to ride her ripstick these holidays and he's not afraid of his motorbike anymore.

She's growing up too fast.
Soon she will be in exam season too, then she will leave me for the big wide world and Stiddy will move in because his 8 coconut sisters will be driving him bongos.

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