Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Boy in Black & White

Since High School, I'd always had a passion for photography. After schooling, I particularly had a niche for black & white film photography. Larry got me a dark room and everything, but the dark room didn't last long because it came at a time when digital camera's were becoming more and more popular.

When we moved home I had it in mind that with Larry's 3D background and my Photography/Graphic Design, that we'd be able to build something with that. 10 years later, everyone is a photographer. There is software out that makes you a professional by simply clicking an auto filtering option. The competition went from photography content to software so it was an easy choice to break away from photography and graphic & design.

I still get requests to photograph a wedding, a family portrait, create a flyer, poster or company logo, but the love to do it as a career just isn't there because it's not something you need a certificate for anymore. You just need talent and I have seen some breath taking images shot from a phone by an amateur.

It doesn't stop me from doing it as a hobby.
It's still a passion.
The Boy today in Spring 2019.

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