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Catch up.

I've said it before that the term is almost over. This next school break is much needed because on top of the winter ills, this term in particular at school has had me run down. The politics of a boarding school are horrifying. The politics of the academic part of school are pretty much the same. I have contemplated all year on whether or not I should find another job, but my co-workers, who keep me there, are awesome and that I actually like my job. After coming to a decision on 2020, I also need to stay in that job because of it's flexibility, which is an advantage that will come in handy next year.

Post-divorce, everyone is ok. There was lots of damage control that fell into my hands, but for my Mum .. I was happy to be the one that caught her when she fell. I love my Mum. She caught me when Larry died and caught me every time after while I went through the process of losing someone. She too has lost someone she loves and although the circumstances of it are ugly, she is progressing and I will be by her side the whole way through that change.

The rest of the family are doing their own thing. They have kids to raise, and tribulations to overcome themselves, but they are adults and they have each other in their own homes.

I'm still a believer. I am forcing myself to get there some days because the energy level in the ward is below average, but I wouldn't want to be in any other ward.

Hub's is going to be taller than me before she turns 12. Lately, she likes to flip around like a gymnast. She's got pretty good after watching youtube videos on the subject. Considering enrolling her into gymnastics next year. If she's still flipping around by January, she must be more serious about the sport than I thought. She wants to learn to drive, but she can't quite see over the steering wheel to be able to have a practice drive safely. She's my everything.

Terrible-Twos Stiddy is living up to that. He makes me grit my teeth and say shit alot. Given his genetics, he won't be taller than me and if he is, it will be a miracle.
He is my favorite boy.

Tonight for dinner.
Mushroom burgers and I found my last can of Hatch's green chile. It has lasted nearly 10 years in the store cupboard and it tasted fantastico.

Life is good.
I currently hate the invention of the cellphone, iMessage, Messenger and any other form of contact that is emotionless, but I am content with life.

Still haven't found an armchair.


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