Wednesday, September 4, 2019

9 years old.

Hub's turned 9 on Monday. I would've blogged that day, but I've been sick for weeks with a hideous flu that won't go away.

Can't tell you how loved she is by everyone .. my co-workers included. I got to work on Monday to gifts for her from them. We had pizza and cake on Monday night with The Livians. Once Avi got here it became her birthday.

We sang Happy Birthday to Avi twice and Hubba once, with much moaning from Avi. Avi blew out the candles three times. It was also Avi's brithday on Shaily's birthday last month and her Dad's birthday the month before.

It was a great Avi/Hub's birthday!

9 years of Hubs.

Happy Birthday Hubs.
9 more years and you can move out!

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