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End of Term 3.

My mental health has been tested this year. I've taken on the worries of others, not only at home but at work. Work right now is in a major state. Can't talk about it, but you can read one version of the story in the news if you searched my work place. Yesterday was the last day of Term 3. This whole week went slow because I wanted it to go fast. I'd like to sleep for the next two weeks and get back the energy I exhausted on everything but me and mine over the last 12 weeks. Two weeks to put workplace platitudes away for a moment and enjoy the break. Two weeks to use the time to remind myself that adults can look after themselves. Just deserving of a break after 9 months of 2019, but the storm isn't over. Not even close. My favorite boy who is pretty naughty . The wood shed. Lots of action at my Mum's place last weekend. We downed a shed that was blocking a million dollar view. I told my Mum to keep the view. It has to have driven the value of the house u

iPhone unload

Stiddys Halloween costume arrives yesterday. He’s going to see it today and wear it all weekend. Aunty Marva has been gone for 10 years this week.  New coat for church. Got a hoard of make up for her birthday and now she’s learning.  Did you know Spider-Man is my nephew? The boys storage. At Nans. Avivi.

Catch up.

Work: I've said it before that the term is almost over. This next school break is much needed because on top of the winter ills, this term in particular at school has had me run down. The politics of a boarding school are horrifying. The politics of the academic part of school are pretty much the same. I have contemplated all year on whether or not I should find another job, but my co-workers, who keep me there, are awesome and that I actually like my job. After coming to a decision on 2020, I also need to stay in that job because of it's flexibility, which is an advantage that will come in handy next year. Family: Post-divorce, everyone is ok. There was lots of damage control that fell into my hands, but for my Mum .. I was happy to be the one that caught her when she fell. I love my Mum. She caught me when Larry died and caught me every time after while I went through the process of losing someone. She too has lost someone she loves and although the circumstances of it ar

9 years old.

Hub's turned 9 on Monday. I would've blogged that day, but I've been sick for weeks with a hideous flu that won't go away. Can't tell you how loved she is by everyone .. my co-workers included. I got to work on Monday to gifts for her from them. We had pizza and cake on Monday night with The Livians. Once Avi got here it became her birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to Avi twice and Hubba once, with much moaning from Avi. Avi blew out the candles three times. It was also Avi's brithday on Shaily's birthday last month and her Dad's birthday the month before. It was a great Avi/Hub's birthday! 9 years of Hubs. Happy Birthday Hubs. 9 more years and you can move out!