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Last week of the school holidays. These holidays have been pretty fantastic.
We gave the feijoa chutney a run on Sunday for lunch.
Worked nicely with the smoked Kahawai.

Took a drive around the hood to see what there was to offer. Found a new feijoa spot closer. Their feijoas are way better than the normal spot .. which I can now disclose as being Southland Rd the rural end heading south, they offer Apollo feijoas. The new spot offers a different species, probably Kakariki, because they're super sweet. The difference in taste is like comparing a granny smith to a pacific rose apple.

Stopped at Hub's school and picked some of their apples from their trees. I'm not sure that these are granny smiths, but my Mum thinks they are just because they're green.

Prime Limes is 3kms up the road from us. I never knew about the place until yesterday. I went looking for feijoas at the farm just after it and spotted the sign for limes. Pretty sure their limes are Tahiti limes, I much prefer key limes, but Tahiti is closer to NZ than the Florida Keys so ....

Also went to the local garden at our marae and picked a bunch of what I think are Anaheim peppers and also green capsicums.

Made apple sauce. Hate apple sauce, but I'm pretty sure I'll eat it when the zombies come.

The new feijoas over ice-cream.

Bottled these with lime and olive oil. Gave them a nice water bath and I'll see how that works out for me after a few months in the pantry.

The last two days has bought 6 jars of feijoas, 2 jars of apple sauce, 2 jars of the lime peppers in olive oil. I also froze 3 bags of the new feijoas and made 2 liters of chicken bone broth using the capsicums with an array of other flavors.

I'm trading 4 can's of feijoas with an old school friend who has his own self-sufficient life style block in Hamilton. He want's my feijoas and I want his raw honey.

For real. It's essential to be prepared.
It's made me frugal. I now keep and freeze vegetables cut-offs so I can make bone broths.


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