Monday, April 29, 2019


9 weeks till the end of the term.
I am glad this term isn't 11 weeks long like the last term.

Toying with the idea of sending Hub's to one of the local Maori boarding schools in the area. It's still 5 years away from that happening, but I'm leaning towards it if for anything, for the experience.

From these two videos .. I am very much so basing it on 1. The better song 2. The better uniform and 3. The better performance, which is a dumb thing to do when you want to invest in 4 years of High School for your child.
I know this.

I prefer Hukarere because they're the sister school to Te Aute: my workplace.
I prefer not to go with Hukarere because they're the sister school to Te Aute.

5 years to decide.
Maybe, by some miraculous reason, they'll bring CCNZ back, however, can't say I liked that place a whole lot either.
I also want to pull Hubba from her current school, but convenience stops me.

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