Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday

Friday was productive. I spent a few hours in bed last night studying water bath canning and how to store re-fried beans. I planned to put the beans on this morning and head to town for a list of things I needed today. Didn't realize, til I drove to every shop I needed, that it was Good Friday and nothing was open. This delayed a few things for me, but I did find the one vegetable shop next to the bowling alley who were heathen enough to be opened today.
God bless them.

The beans take days to make. Phase 1 was completed this afternoon and I turned them on to cook this evening where they'll cook all night.

Brother 3 went hunting last week and got a deer. Wild Game Salami processed the deer for him. Today he gave me the biggest venison salami I've ever seen.

The makings of feijoa juice concentrate. I even made it sugar free.


I may have overdone it with the all spice in the chutney this time round. Hoping that after a few months on the shelf the vinegar would have worked it's magic by inhibiting it being over spiced.

The Artist.

Additions to the pantry/wash house.

In other news .. Shaily is moving in.

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