Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Saturday.

This morning.
I dropped some cocoa in the pot last night before I went to bed. My house smelled like hot chocolate this morning.

Added the seasoning.

And the pork, then let it sit for the rest of the day on the keep warm setting.

Sugar-free feijoa popsicles.

Peanut & walnut brittle.

I broke my thermometer last year, but I've made the stuff enough that the color and the way it boils gives away the temperature.

Sent some out to the family and kept a container for the pantry.

The Livians and their happy easter Saturday.
I like this one the best because of the boy.
Everyone else looks like they might very well be a lil bit drunk.

They're all going to be 40 years old with their own kids and still expecting easter eggs from the parents. Rome (mint green ear muffs) was in her own world.

Hub's and Stimpy.

Quick snaps.

The Dog Whisperer.

Hub's loves these puppies. She's dying to have one, but it's not happening. Dogs and their poop are gross. They're very cute though ..

By 8pm the beans were done.
4 containers went into the freezer for the zombie apocalypse food storage.

Even the boy liked it.

It's extremely liberating getting on top of the food storage. There's a reason the church teach about it if for anything, an unexpected rainy day. I am enjoying it, but tomorrow, I rest.

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