Thursday, April 18, 2019

Deez Walnutz.

Last year we got walnuts from Papa Gregs work. He's been drying them for a year in his shed and the time was right to crack them open and add them to the ever growing store cupboard. To replace them, today we picked up all the walnuts around my Grandmothers two walnut trees.

These will dry for a year and next year we'll do the same thing.

Picked up the boy late this evening and he helped crack the walnuts. He took my pink hammer and figured out what he was to do with it. His little hands went into the jar a few times for taste testing. They argued over who got the pink hammer. He won and she got the mini splitting axe.

We filled 4 jars with last years pickings.

I'm addicted to this self-reliance stuff lately.
Tomorrow ... I'd like to make my own salsa and bottle it.
I also have enough feijoas to feed all of Ngati Kahugnunu ki Heretaunga.

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