Monday, March 4, 2019

School camp

For the second time EVER, Hub's has gone away from me for a night. This doesn't include staying with family for a night. She's been excited about the camp all weekend and got up this morning still holding the same spirit, but when it came to dropping her off at school and saying goodbye this morning she began to realize what was going on and asked the principal, "Can my Mum come too?".

Despite the anxiety I'm feeling now, I would not have gone if they paid me.

Taking comfort in Rome, Kiara, Zion, Jaamin and Kavarn all being there with her aswell as Darrell, Leven and Southon - the other cousins.
I know she'll be fine!

I stayed at work 3 hours later than normal tonight so I could hang out with my Mum and avoid coming home to a Hubba-less house.

I'd buy her a pony right now I miss her that much.

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