Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy Birthdays

Guess what I got for my birthday?

Osteoporosis in my wrist.
A ride through the hood for his pre-birthday.

A trip to the park.

Birthday trip to the aquarium.
Hub's bunked school to spend the day with us.
Stiddy didn't care about the aquarium.
We lasted 15 minutes in there this time round and he spent most of it running up and down the disability ramp by the fake shark and preserved giant squid.

Aunty Avi came too. She loves her Sti-Boy.

Just like that ... he's 2.

Sometimes my house is off limits, even for visits. You get the few who will brave the challenge and try, but most stay away. This works in my favor.
Today, Rome felt brave.
She came and she conquered with her squad in tow.
Rome is a conqueror.
Tomorrow she will be 11 year old.

And now I'm 40.

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