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The Ripple Effect Part 2

At work, a ripple effect is happening too. Someone threw a spanner into the works and nothing has run smooth ever since.


It all comes down to weak management, just like there is a weak link in the family chain that changes the direction of normal. I've laid two complaints and written two emails of concern regarding a situation in my work area that is causing a little bit of frustration and stress. Something's not working, stuff isn't in on time .. yesterday I came to work and there was nothing to do simply because what was supposed to be here wasn't. I offered suggestions on how things would work better and have no reply or advice from my correspondence.

A weak manager ignores you and see's it as their authority being questioned. A good manager will have an answer or at least point you in the direction of someone who does.

One of the situations, that resulted in a complaint, occurred in the kitchen a few days ago. Unaware, my complaint followed a fellow co-workers complaint about the same thing.

A weak manager will question you to pick out a mistake. My manager asked me what exactly bothered me about the situation to which I responded that it wasn't about that. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home for a family. Nourishment begins there and comfort is found there. A kitchen is for physical and emotional sustenance. A good manager would reinforce that not question it. Weak managers don't want to hear what you think or hear your opinion.

A weak manager prefers fear over trust because if you fear them, you'll be quiet.

A good manager trusts that they have the right people on their team. They wouldn't hire people they didn't trust. A weak manager tells you why that person isn't right for the job without knowing much of the person. I can't elaborate on this with a scenario from work because of privacy issues, but the choice of put downs used prove their weakness.

A good manager changes things, with an open mind, to improve things. A weak manager changes things to keep reality at bay and take control. Once they make an announcement of the change, it's set in stone. A weak manager will back down when confronted with impassioned staff ... or clients.

I've felt sorry for my manager, but at a distance. There is no stepping out of the fear zone and into the trust zone and it's caused these ripple effects to the moon and back. This is when you know you're probably better off working for someone else, someone who deserves what you have to offer.

There is an end to the ripple effect at work and that comes in the form of a collective movement. There are staff that have been employed here for years. A strong manager, especially a newly appointed manager, would come in looking to them for advice and encouragement because up until now, there was no spanner in no works. Everything was working fine.

I'm a few ripples away from stress leave and a stone throw away from a PG ... but then I don't want to be at home because the ripple effect there is, by spiritual right, for Eternity.


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