Sunday, February 24, 2019


Tonight, it rains. The kind of rain that is refreshing everything after a hot week and watering everything that needs to grow. Like my feijoas.

Tonight I appreciate the rain. History will tell you it's a sign of on going misery, but chi tells me that it's a sign of washing away the old and restarting a new.

This past week was a hot week. At work. At home. At Matatini. I welcome the rain because it brings me back to life after a chaotic week. It brings soul to the drylands, as I hope it does for me this coming week.

I have never needed Larry as much as I needed him this week.
Someone to lean on.
Someone who will give courage.
Someone who will listen.
Someone to love and have love given back.

If I could have anything for my birthday next week .. I would like him back for a day.
Just a day.

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