Sunday, February 3, 2019

It's already February.

Work started.
Trying to word how the atmosphere at work is at the moment and the only thing that is remotely close is in the first few paragraphs of 'My Sweet Audrina' by V C Andrews. It immediately came to mind when I got home from work yesterday as I  tried to mentally explain what is going on out there .. and I'm not even involved. It's just all around me ... bringing bad vibes to my chi.

There was a war going on in our house, a silent war that sounded no guns, and the bodies that fell were only wishes that died and the bullets were only words and the blood that spilled was always called pride.

I can't say much more beyond that because saying something is probably a liability, but you don't have to be a genius to guess that shits hit the fan in my work place. In saying that, I am glad that it is the weekend and I get a few days reprieve from the place that I couldn't keep away from last year. I was happy to spend the day with Hub's and I even turned my phone off for a few hours to just block out the drama.

I've been nauseous all week and I dread Monday.

If anytime is a good time to win the lotto, it's next week.

Very very glad it was only 19°c today and not 37°c like earlier in the week.

Next week is probably going to be 25% more worse than last week.
Thankful for the public holiday in the middle of the week.

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