Sunday, February 3, 2019

.. and I thought work was bad.

I had arguments with two of my brothers today. The first one was for about 5 minutes while my Mum was outside in her room-of-requirement. It was very heated. Usually I sit on the sidelines and keep my mouth shut, but this one deserved my input when he started mouthing off about our mother. He started up about the ozone layer and eventually left defeated.

The second argument with another brother occurred a few hours later where he claimed I was judgemental for not attending church today, for no other reason than my ward sucks, totally forgetting that he's been absent from church for close to 6 months. It too got heated, but I shut down when I realized how much of a complete moron he is and there was no point wasting my breath and left him, at our mothers house, defeated.

For real.

If families have the potential to be together forever, why aren't we practicing what we preach so that we can justify the reason to be together forever. Why aren't we trying to avoid the opposition and instead strengthening each other?

... because people are entitled to be a-holes and I have two brothers who qualify without even trying.

Grateful today to have one sibling who is normal ... more or less.

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