Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The social media future.

I'm parting ways with a few social media platforms. Snapchat was easy to get rid of, I very rarely used it. Twitter was for news worthy items, but that turned into celebrity drama, which made it easier to remove that app.

I'm limiting myself with a few others.

Facebook is a necessity because of groups I'm a part of. I also like to read all the news in one place. I unfollowed every one of my friends on facebook. I love most of you, but if it's important there's always messenger.

I sat on Instagram for a few weeks talking myself out of giving it up. I really love Instagram, it's a favorite. Finally a few days ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to be a minimalist on The Gram. I went through nearly 3000 posts individually to purely reminisce and realized that I had given too much of my personal life out publicly on the app. One story alone got close to 1000 views and I only followed 87 people and had 200+ follow me at the time.

The purge began on Christmas eve. 2847 photos over 4 years. It was complete tonight. It wasn't an easy choice and I'm so glad Instagram have the data download feature where I was able to download all my photos before deleting them all. The purge also included peoples. I'll restart the gram in the new year as a private account.
A must really.

The blog is staying for the few who appreciate the melodrama of my life. I have some changes in mind, but you'll be in the loop Internets.

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