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It's December.

A few months ago I blogged about the head chef at work who is a widow and how I asked her if she wanted me to do her husbands, and other family members, temple work. She said yes before I could explain what that was exactly and mentioned how one of her grand-daughters had just joined the church and felt she'd finally found her place in life.

I didn't wait to load names and dates into and requested the ordinances in the app with her permission. The app tells you when the temple has printed the names for the work and lets you know when the work has been completed. I looked every day for about a month before I stopped, but decided to have a look yesterday to see that two of the four parts of her husbands temple work had been completed on the 21st of November. I wrote a reminder on my hand this morning to tell her that his work has been started and at the very least, he's been baptized and confirmed. The reminder washed off over the busy morning.

It's typical for the staff to sit down after lunch and have a brief pow-wow about our weekend, what's going on at home etc. She started the conversation today by relaying an experience she had already told a few of the other staff that happened a few weeks ago. Before she began the story she reiterated that she knows this wasn't a dream. It was very real.

Laying in bed one night, partially asleep, she felt someone nudge her a few times then her husbands voice finally say, 'Move over Lee'. She said she pulled the bed spread back, as she always did when they were going to bed, and moved over. She doesn't remember anything else after that, but she woke up in the morning in the middle of her bed with the bed spread pulled back.

She said in the 8 years that he has been gone, she has never felt an impression that he was there and never had an experience that he was around her, until that night - the 21st of November.

The theology of heaven and the afterlife in the LDS church brings reassurance when you understand it. It's in the bible and we receive it through modern day revelation. Larry prepared me for his death in more ways than I thought. Our belief is that the afterlife is a place of rest, so when he died after years of fighting, his death bought much comfort because I knew that now he could rest. He had no more fight left in him the night before he died and comfort would not have come the next day if I didn't have something to believe in.

And should we die before our journey’s through, Happy day! All is well.

We believe the spirit world to be here on earth and, though a veil separates us, in reality our loves ones who have departed are among us. Joseph Smith taught, "They are not far from us, and know and understand our thoughts, feelings, and motions, and are often pained therewith". Again, this is comforting because what we think is lost in death, is actually enhanced across the veil.

Because of experiences I've had since Larry's death, I know that wasn't a dream my co-worker had. When everyone else looked at her funny across our kitchen staff table, I knew that she experienced something amazing that will touch her enough to want to know more, but even before that .. she was a faithful wife despite not having any knowledge of the gospel.

The atonement is for everyone.

Happy December Internets.


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