Sunday, October 7, 2018

Tea and coffee.

I've been researching the last couple of days. At our staff break up I got to talking to the science teacher and in her drunken state she wanted to confirm a rumor circulating that my family were LDS. Not newbie LDS either, a few generations worth of LDS. She was so interested that I decided to accept her in all her prosaic redonkulousness and answer the questions she threw at me.

There were questions I couldn't answer, like the temple stuff. She'd already looked on youtube anyway and if you're gonna do that, you may aswell turn to the bible for answers to your questions because they're all in there.

The most simplest question was the one that got me.
Is the reason you don't drink tea and coffee because of the caffeine?

I've heard so many different reasons that all lead back to caffeine. Then I heard it was 'hot drinks' that were a no no. There's a few versions out there, but I turned to Brother Google over the week.

I learned that black tea and green tea come from the same plant - camellia sinensis. How they're processed is what makes them different. In the process of making black tea, it's fermented. Green tea isn't. The claim is that both teas are ten times richer in anti-oxidants than any vegetables or fruit, but both are definitely riddled with caffeine .. possibly more than what's in coffee.

I already know that coffee is habit forming and overtime has been shown to cause health problems.

If you're going to be pedantic about the Word of Wisdom, then following it at all is a little useless. We are given commandments and precepts as a guide, not a must. We have our free agency.

So my answer is that I don't drink tea or coffee because we're told not to drink tea or coffee.
That's the only reason I myself don't drink either.
The answer was there the whole time. ... and I didn't even have to dress up like a bat to seek my own spiritual justice.

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