Sunday, September 9, 2018

What a week.

It's been a strange week here since the baptism. A few things are readable in the Hawkes Bay Today, where I'll place links to because I'd rather not detail it.

The highlight was it rained enough in a few days to flood our road below near the marae. It also kept me from going to work for three days, of which I grew withdrawals symptoms. I enjoy my job and after the first afternoon off, I was ready to build an ark and row to work.

I always said this place could do with a baptism and after this past week, you are going to agree after reading the articles.

Link One
Link Two

I thought issues going on here in and outside of the family would be enough to push me out, but after talking to Mitchy about stuff this afternoon we decided that we aren't the ones that need to leave. This is our home. What people bring into the community is their filth and doesn't reflect our community as a whole.

Also ... Livian got called into the Bishopric of our ward today. I don't know any person more suited for the assignment and they'll be a trio that will compliment each other and bring much spiritual mitigation to a ward that's been needing a lift for a while.

I got backs chaps .. still not accepting a speaking assignment, but I got backs.

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