Sunday, September 30, 2018

Primary Presentation

In the church, primary specifically, you work all year to prepare for the Primary Presentation. This is where once a year the primary kids rule the roost during sacrament meeting by giving talks and singing songs about what they've learned up to this point. Today was that day.

Three weeks ago I did something to my wrist. The nurse at school was convinced it was at least fractured, but the X-Rays said there was a break that had occurred before three weeks ago that had healed wrong and that I needed a cast. I didn't get the cast because I'm the only pianist in the ward .. I lie, my 89 year old grandmother plays the piano, but she plays sacred hymns double allegro, tripple prestissimo with a solid con fuoco resulting in it sounding like carnival music.

I played with a broken wrist. I was all over the place. My left hand was shaking, I hit wrong notes for the entire 40 minute presentation and SkyGo wasn't working for me to watch the All Black game on my phone from the black keys down the lower octaves. I vowed to go get a cast after the presentation, but then I remembered the All Blacks were still playing Argentina and ended up at home watching the last 40.

Indy - yesterday.

After the presentation.




She didn't like that he was on Rome and he didn't like that he was on Rome.

The Livians and a Shultz.

E peke.

The boy love.

... and that was today ... the last Sunday of September.

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