Sunday, August 5, 2018

End of July, into August.

Tomorrow will be week 3 of term 3 for the school year. 7 more weeks to go and we're out for the school holidays again. Term four is even shorter because it's exam season and the last season of the school year before we welcome fruit season back into our lives ... and Santa.

Do you know what I miss most about American Christmases?
Swiss Colony.
There is nothing like it in New Zealand.

Facetiming with Tyler as she has a bathroom moment.

Painted this for my wall. Once I had finished it I regretted using color. It's a place holder until I have photos to fill a giganto frame.

Upholstered old furniture this week.

Super Rugby final at Nan's lastnight.
Crusaders took the title this year.

These two are currently 16 months.

He stayed the night.
I got no sleep.
Early night tonight.

I have a sick child.
She's acting like she's dying because I just sent her to bed so she can get up early for school tomorrow.
Of course I won't send her to school if she's sick .. but if she's 10% better, she's going.

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