Saturday, July 28, 2018

Te Whanau.

I wrote a few months ago about my family. I said things that came from a place that might've been a cesspool of emotions, but life is not well lived if you have regrets and where I don't regret what I said or how I felt at the time, it was probably dumb.

I think I just found friendship and family in my co-workers who, on the daily, compliment and appreciate me and that's something that I thought, at the time, was very absent in my family circle. It wasn't until this week, as I sat in the kitchen at work with my co-workers, that I went through my family tree to see how am I genetically connected to them and realized .. I'm working with my family.

My mother works there.
Shaily works there.
Livian works there.
A very close blood related cousin works there.
Her husband works there.
Their son works there.
Four Aunties work there.

That's 10 people.
10 family members.

I'm working with my family and my post claimed to dislike them
Just admitting to my crazy these last few months.

In other news .. the carpet has been pulled from our chapel rendering the building closed for worship temporarily.
You know what that means.
Apply General Conference weekend rules.

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