Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Today I learned that Mane-Turei-Wenerei-Taite-Paraire etc. aren't used anymore in schools. They say Rāapa for Wednesday. Learned that from my 7 year old who asked me what Wenerei was when I asked Shaily what day it was today.

I love my job, but I am looking forward to the upcoming term holidays next week.

Currently, this is my luxury after an 8-hour shift. I purchased a few boxes through the school kitchen, tena koe BidFoods, that sit and wait for me at the end of a long day. I imagine it's the same kind of luxury for people who go home to a glass of wine or a bottle of beer every day. It's just very satisfying.

Two terms at the school and I've found a new appreciation for my culture and I love working with my own people. I have more gratitude to Maoridom now. Probably should learn to pronounce some Maori words better, but car-pie.

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