Monday, May 7, 2018


This post is re: That temple experience I had back in October ...

Long story short .. I went on a handful of dates dinner-outs with Voldemort himself. It’s May now and I’ve decided, I don’t like him that much. I figured that out after the first time, but decided to entertain my curiosity. After each time, despite having known him most of my life, I realised how much I cringed at the sound of his voice, which later turned into just the very though of him.

I don’t know why him. I questioned it for a while then tried it out and have concluded that ... sometimes temple experiences aren’t to be adhered to. There is another reason his name came up in the temple, but it’s reason wasn’t for my initial question. 

Hell to the holy no it wasn’t.

He told me everything that was wrong with me. I admire honesty, but this was across the line rude nearing hurtful. Everything he said of me are all the reasons why he is in the position he’s in today. He will never find his perfect until he understands that he is not perfect himself.

I am revived knowing that someone felt me perfect enough to love me as much as he did.

I’ve spent the last week wondering what I was thinking when I pursued this.

You’ll fish for a few before you find the right catch. I don’t know that Larry was Mr. Right, but at the time everything in life seemed to fit.

I’m too old cry over a dude, especially when the dude isn’t worth the emotional stimuli.

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