Sunday, May 6, 2018


A few weeks ago I got an urgent message from three aunties, dads sisters, regarding my Nana who was in hospital. I sat on the messages for a few days because I tend to wait til the need is dire. At around midnight one night I picked up my two brothers and we went to the hospital expecting to say goodbye to our Nana. Comments from the family and photos didn’t show a pretty picture and I thought it would all be over for her in a few days time. Family came back from wherever they were to, basically, say goodbye.

Nana bounced back and the last few days have been spent catching up with family members.

Today in church, in a row opposite us, sat my paternal grandfather, two aunties, a cousin and my grandfathers wife, another Nana. If I have been close to anyone on my dads side of the family, it was with my Nana. Me and my siblings were in the first of their grandchildren and the Nana we knew then and the Nana the younger cousins know now wasn’t the same Nana.

Nana we knew was energetic and had a lot of time for us, because there were only ten of us then.

Nana today is tired. The age gap between my oldest cousin and the youngest is about 30 years.

By choice, I limit my time with my dads family. There is no dramatic story behind my reason, it just is what it is, but I’m not going to let my choice determine the time our kids spend with that side of the family because when our kids met their great grand father again today after only meeting him for the first time back when Jazzy died some 4 years ago, they were a little star struck, excited. Not too many can say they met their great grandparents and for our Stiddy boy, his great great grandfather.

So we took photos .. and you can see that the Chinese blood is strong in them all and you can see why when you look at my Pops. 

This one was more to show you what my child decided to wear to church today.

It’s the kids that make the family worth it.

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