Saturday, April 28, 2018

StrongArms holidays

My sisters kids are an acquired taste. They’ve been here for a week and there have been more fights between four kids than I can count. It’s been a headache and a delight. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and had to bring all the kids to work. Lucky the campus is big and they roamed free, like wilderbeasts.

That they were. I started to get texts from Shaily early on in the meeting. She wanted to hang a few children and spent the next thirty minutes relaying everything bad each kid was saying and doing. Now New Zealand is anti-smacking when it comes to children, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you .. so I gave her the order.

That’s when the child ran away. That only makes things worse for when they do get caught.

Today we dropped them off at the airport. Seven days of mental torture washed away when I saw in their eyes that they weren’t ready to go home. Seven days of yelling at them went down the drain when they hugged you a little tighter when they were called to the gate. Seven days of wanting to kill them diminished when they looked back and waved goodbye as they walked to their plane.

I’ll admit I held back tears as they walked away.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Holiday doings.

My cellphone rang late in the evening last Friday. Totally screened it because I know if it’s important, they’ll ring again or text. My home line rang shortly after. Thinking someone had died, I answered.

It was my cousin, Emma.

Not a death, but an emergency nonetheless. I was needed to help cater her brothers wedding. The wedding was the next day. I was sent a picture of what they wanted. A grazing table

I said no twice. The amount of time given was not awesome and just didn’t want to go despite it being the marriage of my first cousin. I finally said yes only after she told me there were three of them for an average sized group. 

I met up with her later in the night and quickly brain stormed a few things. 

It all worked out, as you can see.

Tuesday I took a quick trip to Hamilton with the youth in the ward for temple baptisms. 
Found some chi of my own while there.

The school holidays are coming to an end. I dreamed of sleep during my holidays, but as you know the circus has been in town and will be til the weekend. Just in time for school next Monday and the day shift.

Squad goals.
I’m getting old ...

... but our blue eyed boy is just getting started with life.

He’s my little love!

Friday, April 20, 2018

School holidays.

Week one down without a hitch. My work hours change next term to day time. This works better for me and for the child who, by the end of the first term, has moaned about being home at night with her big sisters who she claims are "useless babysitters".

I have to concur with the 7 year old.

It's been madness in our house, but a good madness.
I will probably miss them all when they move back to their house around the corner.

Camera unload - if you haven't been watching Instagram, where I'm a more frequent poster.

Fall is here.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The end of summer.

Unloading my camera, I discovered all the photos I took and forgot about over the last few weeks. Work is in full force, but in another week it will be school holidays. For once in my life, I'm looking forward to them .. almost giddy about it.

Shaily came home at the end of Feb. She was always coming home. Australia was just a holiday for her, then she was going to get back into the swing of things here and decide on her employment or higher education. She's currently still deciding.

Nessa didn't like Australia and told her parents, in a letter that she blue tacked to her closet door before school one day, that she wanted to come home to New Zealand and she listed all the reasons why. Little did she know that two days before she left the letter, her parents already made the decision to pack up and move home.

It all came down to family and how unsettled everyone (them and us) was after their move. They arrived home on Monday night. I wish I had videoed Avi's reaction to seeing everyone. Mitchy said it's the happiest she'd been in months.

They're living with me until their house is ready to move back in to. I like having them here, it's not as bad as I had imagined. I gave myself anxiety over it and everything, but with everyone happy to be home and everything falling back into it's natural place ... a full house doesn't even matter.

Photo unload.

She's un poco loco.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This happened lastnight

The Livian's returned to the fold after 11 weeks.
Avi is happy to be home!

My house will be a circus for the next 4 weeks, but its OK ... they're home and not leaving us ever again.

Picture unload

Haven't gone completely crazy with all these lockdowns and the restrictions that come with it, but close.  The kids are growing. The chu...