Monday, March 5, 2018

Life lately.

I thought I knew what busy was. This is not the case. I’ve been living the good life up until work took over all. I can barely find time for Hubs during the week because of work and sleep. It sucks very much that she is at the butt end of my time, but I try make up for it in the weekend. For instance, we went mug shopping on Saturday. See? Time well spent. She got a flamingo mug for her winter milos. 

I officially have 3 jobs. It’s a little bit of a nightmare trying to find time for sleep. My 4th unofficial job is to babysit the boy while his mother works. Of course it’s unpaid, but I love that boy enough to do it half asleep. Daycare is an expensive thing 5-days a week. He maxes out at 2-days a week. 

Tuesday’s and Fridays are my days of reprieve. This is when Hubs doesn’t have afternoon activities to attend.

All would be well if my main job was 9-5. Alas, it’s 12-8am. 

Not complaining at all. I actually like the job. 

I usually hate school holidays .. but I am very much so looking forward to Easter in 5 weeks and the term holidays a week later.

Today I knocked off work at 8am. Had the baby boy until 1pm. Slept until 4pm. Had parent teacher interviews at 5.15pm. Then job 2 at 6pm. Tyler took Hub's to Jiujitsu this afternoon .. left her there and wasn't there on time when they finished. You're supposed to stay there with your child during the 45 minute training session. Tyler's absence left my child is hysterics. She didn't know my number to ring when other mothers asked if she was OK.

Tyler had one job.

It's bedtime.

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