Friday, February 23, 2018

The Weeknd - I earned it.

We've been sitting on beach chairs for two weeks. I bought a new couch a few weeks ago and it had been sitting in the store warehouse in Napier for a week, unclaimed. It done all sorts of damage to my back sitting on a beach chair. We stopped watching TV for a week because the seating arrangements in there weren't ideal to lounge.

They finally delivered it today and it's all fantastic again in the lounge. I opted for a biggun this time because if you've ever witnessed the boy trying to pull Hubs from the couch when shes laying next to me, it's a bit of a brutal fight from the 11 month old, who gets pretty angry about her being so close to me. Well it's good news, we can all fit on the couch quite comfortably.

My weekend started this morning when I came off shift at 8am. Need to update the canvases on my wall so we did this this afternoon.
The sun's in my eyes.
It's hot.
Hurry up.
I can feel bugs on my feet.
My eyes are burning.
There's prickles. 
I'm going blind.
Child, shut up.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


She needed something more than basketball. After seeing a cousin post a question about Brazillian Jiu-jitsu a few weeks ago, for his daughter, I asked him how it went for her. He said they didn't make it through the door. She flat out refused. So I schemed a plan and told Hub's that Asha was doing it and he told Asha that Hub's was doing it.

It was a match made in Brazillian heaven.

It's pretty amazing and if anything, it's a good way to burn off some energy.

Pretty cut about the quality of the photos. I haven't carried my camera around with me for a while and I relied on the phone camera photos of others and they had Samsungs ... enough said.

We need more of our own in there. Sitting waiting for it to begin today more far-now showed up to trial their child. So that's three for Bridge Pa so far.

It's bedtime.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

According to the iPhone

Life is suddenly busy. If work had better WiFi, I'd be blogging from there during my downtime. I have adjusted to daytime sleeping and night time working. The weekends are hell because I have to force myself to stay awake for Hubs during the day only to do it all over again come Sunday night. She has not adjusted, but Shaily coming home soon will be a huge help for her sanity. To add to that, the boy comes every other day and I have to be tired babysitter too. The Livians moving away, right now, is unappreciated because of the lack of helpful options!

The one thing I do like about the job, and there are many things I like about it, is that I get school holidays off. This is what I thought of all during the summer holidays. I needed a job that allowed me to be with Hubs during the holidays.

One night at sunset.

Video chats with Avi. You can still teach her bad habits with the distance between us.
"Ewwwww Avi"

Woke up one morning to a hand made garden and streamers on all doors off the hallway. This is what happens when you sleep and your child is awake.

Looking through Aunty Hub's undies drawer.

Mischief Boy.

.. and then these.

Hard to believe he'll be one next month!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A post ...

My Mum was a little against me working where I'm working. She thinks my brain could be put to better use than what the job had to offer. My brain needed a break. I'm two weeks into it and I'm enjoying it. I would rather 'this goes there and that goes here' for 8 hours, instead of think.

My sleep is all to hell. I'll adjust.

Our boy is walking.

He starts Day Care next week.
I'm a little beside myself about it.
He's gonna scream .....

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...