Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jan 17th

Well, The Livian's left for brighter shores yesterday. It was emotional and there's a big void in our lives now. Our norm, almost daily, was to stop into their place a few times. Their house is quickly changing and I thought Hub's would be OK with it, but she's not. Seeing their house become someone else's is a bit hard for her, and me too! Like .. there's actually a rubbish bin in the kitchen now and not a plastic bag busting at the seams. It's not our kind of normal.

But it's OK, we move with the changes and will re-adjust!
It's just that it might take a few weeks.

Something worth staying for though ... and that's aside from the fact that Australia has so many poisonous snakes and New Zealand has no snakes at all.

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Stevie Hanna said...

Your family is beautiful. I hope the change gets easier.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

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