Sunday, January 21, 2018

Go away summer.

It's been unbearably hot the last few days. We maxed out at 35°c yesterday. It was not pretty. Today was no better and today was the sabbath. The air conditioning was on in the chapel, but that didn't do diddly squat because the ward before us had all the doors open. Add to that my calling in the primary. All those kids were horrible in this heat and there were only 12 of them there out of the normal 40 ... so when I see Mothers sitting on the couches in the lobby on a hot day when they could be in sharing time taming their damn kids ... it makes me think things that may have me disfellowshipped as a Latter Day Saint, but for real .. get off your asses and into classes.

Mate .. I've just created the ward theme for the year.
There you go Bishop.

Add to all of that, having a tired baby during the first two hours. He was a bit of a nightmare today.

I do not like summer. I have never liked summer. You sweat in places that just makes things awkward.

It's just too hot.

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