Saturday, January 6, 2018


Out of the nearly 100 things on my 2017 "resolution" list, I completed 4 things. I was happy I did that many because previous years had me checking off none. I only have a handful on my list this year, which I have renamed "The 2018 To-Do List", because if I wrote out lengthy lists, I'd only procrastinate for another year.

Getting finances in order are on most lists. I'm focusing on that this year. I believe that you can never save when you have debts, so taking care of those debts are a priority for 2018. It isn't much, but life's incidentals barricade the way to financial freedom a lot. eg. car breakdown, new school uniform for a growing child, freeloading family member etc. She needed two new uniforms last year because she outgrew them.

Getting out of dodge for a get away costs money too, but for your own sanity, it too is a must. With The Livians moving to Australia in a few weeks, we've planned for a few visits during the year. I'm still trying to talk myself into getting on a plane and going to Australia. Both are in the top 5 of my hate list.

Change the diet. As fantastic as chocolate is, it's the reason I can't shop in just any store for something nice. I've never really cared for taking pride in myself to be honest. My attitude has been .. I found a husband dressing like a tom-boy without make up and rocking unbrushed hair .. I need not care for contours and highlights. I still feel the same way, but a change in my consumable lifestyle is on the list for the 20th year now.

Keep your circle small. Here especially, it's a must do.  People know peoples business here because there is no loyalty in circles. My circle only really consists of 3 people and even then, all three are family. Friendship can be a dangerous state if the wrong people are involved and there are alot of wrong people here. It's safer to keep it small.

I'm 39 in March, which means 40 in 2019.
I'm looking forward to it.

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Me said...

I'm down for small circles in 2018 as well. I just wrote something kind of about that actually:

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