Friday, December 22, 2017

The last 10.

It's been 10 days since I last blogged. I thought I was going to die 3 times during those 10 days, once because of illness and twice because of my Mum's driving.

I reluctantly went to Auckland last weekend to visit Sister. They got a new house (Merry Christmas to two mortgages). I should not have gone, my sick only got worse over the three days we were there and I tried to put on a brave face the whole time. I'd like to blame the 1 piece of chicken we waited 45 minutes for at Takanini KFC .. but I was a little bit sick before that.

Sister's house is nice and big. More room, more bathrooms .. but you can still hear her kids from across the other side of the house and they still knock on the bathroom door and ask what you're doing and then wait for you despite the lock. I did not take photos .. that's how sick I was. It was miserable.

The only photos I did get were from our trip home when I wasn't driving. I was so exhausted I let my Mum drive the Napier-Taupo roads, which is the worst part of the journey to drive, and she's a bad driver. I tried to sleep, but her swerves and speed kept me awake.

Took these hanging out the window holding on to my camera for dear life at 100 km p/h.
Taupo-nui-a-Tia - Ahuriri.

Got home on Sunday night and have been sick since. I missed Christmas in The Pa tonight, but that's OK .. I was never going to it anyway to be honest. I read the information sheet before hand and it gave me a headache. Hub's had a great time. She'd been back and forth all day and came home at 9.30pm to get her pajamas to sleep at the marae with Nan. I was sad when she left .. being this sick I didn't want to not have her at home .. so when she changed her mind at 10:45pm and arrived home with an angry Nan, I was happy. She's a good comfort when sick.

I lie .. I found a photo from Auckland on my phone.

Home to the Tyler's.

And Avilicious.

This boy is growing into a tank.
He's also a mischief son of a gun.

Need to get past Christmas so I can feel better.
Not looking forward to it this year to be honest .. based on my health lately, I'd much rather sleep.

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