Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I’ve been sick over the last 3 days and today I realized just how much help my family are in my time of need. No one in particular, but everyone the same.

On top of my back issue, I caught the flu from somewhere and it’s a little unbearable.

So when you come over for ukulele chords and when you come over and sit on my drive way beeping the horn waiting for me to come to the door and when you text for a password or text for something .. I’m sick the whole time. And when you message and ask for a photo shoot, family or not that ish is not free. Haven’t seen or heard from you all year and you want a free shoot.

I’m sick.
Pull your head out of your ass you are not the center of the universe even when I’m sick.

Would just appreciate some appreciation. It doesn’t help me feel better when you don’t believe I’m sick. Everyone gets sick .. even the glue who holds this, at times, selfish family together.

I’m fricken sick.
For real.

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