Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Home from China.

I've learned what being a Mother-of-two feels like and I wouldn't wish it upon myself anytime soon again. As cute and delicious as that boy is, he's a demanding cute and delicious boy.

His Mum arrived back this morning.
I need to sleep the last 8 days off.

Hub's is glad he's back where he belongs. Every time he woke up and cried, she woke up and cried too. Her teacher commented today that she'd been a little down in spirits the past week. I told her it was because a 7 month old had been running our lives for the last week.

Seeing his Mama after 8-9 days.
Heard some news today that's put me off my community.
Seriously need to win the lotto so I can move out of this place and take my family with me.
It's becoming a cesspool of imbeciles in red.
The fall of PA has begun.

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