Monday, September 4, 2017

Whenua to whenua.

Burying a placenta, traditionally, is done in a place of significance. The practice of burying the placenta supplements the link between the baby and their place of birth.

Tyler-Jays placenta has sat in my freezer for 6 months under the wonton pastry. My Mum bought an iceberg rose last week to plant the placenta. She only did this because the placenta was in an ice cream container and she thought she was in it to win it when the opened the container one day for ice cream. She had the bowl and spoon ready and everything. So she got a hell of a fright when she opened it and didn't see maple walnut ice cream.

Made the picture smaller to disgust you less.

Fresh TyJay!

6 months later.

Sometimes I want to bite him because he's so cute.

My baby brother came to my house today. He hasn't been here for yonks. We usually all meet in the mornings at our Mum's place and pow-wow there until it's time for everyone to go to work/sleep/home. He came to steal my headphones and bought the baby to avert me from his thievery.
It worked.

And finally, my sister and her squad finally found Jesus again. Wish I was there with them all when Joeleo was ordained and advanced to the office of an Elder yesterday.
Look at my Bebs .. he's my favorite StrongArm.

Great things are coming!

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Me said...

Some people eat the placenta :\ I've known a few people to do that. I like the idea of burying it tho :)

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