Monday, September 18, 2017

A lil bit heart-broken today.

I'm not a dog person. I actually think dogs are gross, but Papa Greg's bulldog Winston grew on us all even though we didn't admit it. The idiot dog would chase our cars up the drive way snapping at our tyres. Somehow he'd always avoid getting run over.

The short version, Tyler ran him over on Saturday when he appeared out of no where and tried to get at her tyres.

After being diagnosed a broken back, Winston was put down today.

Gonna miss that stupid dog, but for the life of all the is good and healthy, no one buy Papa Greg a new animal.

I actually have tears in my eyes over this. Found my Hubs in the car crying her little eyeballs out as her Papa digged Winny's grave.

RIP Winnyballs.

Winstons view from his grave. The kids were having a competition who could throw the rock into the cow poop first.

We'll all be laughing about this come Christmas, I'm sure of it.

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Me said...

oh no!!! winston :(

Happy Birthday Hubs!

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